TrepConnect is a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners in New Mexico to connect with resources and services in their community to help them sustain and grow their business. TrepConnect auto-detects device language settings for full language support in English and Spanish. TrepConnect is part of the Molino Project.

Customer Problem

As part of the Living Cities initiative focused on increasing jobs, the City of Albuquerque needed a way to make it easier for local business owners and entrepreneurs to discover and engage with organizations in the community that could help them sustain and grow their businesses. The solution needed to be available in both English and Spanish and provide options for filtering through the many options to find those organizations that offered the specific type of help needed.

CityLife Solution

APPCityLife worked with the City of Albuquerque and City Alive, the nonprofit organization spearheading the entrepreneurial innovation work within the city, to design a mobile application which would integrate with the city's already-purchased software developed by Source Link. The software housed all of the information on resource providers within the city. After developing a custom layer of API's to integrate the data, the app was deployed for beta testing by business owners and service providers. The app is still in the beta testing phase. Once completed, the team will address the recommended changes and additions and update the app before the official launch.


Visual and Text Landing Page Navigation: for improved ADA accessibility

Filtered Search: by defined parameters and location 

Push Notifications: for city officials and key community leaders to update entrepreneurs in real time about upcoming events, training, procurement opportunities, etc.

Full Support for English and Spanish 

Google Language Translation: for any supported language within most features