Client: City of Santa Fe, Transit Division

SANTA FE TRAILS is the official City of Santa Fe mobile app for everything you need to know about using the transit system. Features real time bus tracking, bus stop schedules, fare calculator and more.

Customer Problem

The Santa Fe Trails transit department, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, initially contracted with college programs to access computer science majors to serve as summer interns in hopes of gaining a functioning mobile app as a result of the intern’s work. After two summers, the mobile app remained incomplete. Agency leaders had limited time and money left for the project and still needed a mobile app with realtime push notifications, realtime bus tracking and other interactive content to serve local riders as well as a large number of tourists visiting the city. 

CityLife Solution

By using a CityLife template of the existing ABQ Ride mobile app, our team was able to make the necessary edits to the template to add new branding and user interface changes as well as integrate the data being delivered from Santa Fe Trails. A fully functioning mobile app was ready for testing within two weeks of the launch of the project, and the first version of the mobile app was delivered to users within one month.


Live Tracking: map live bus tracking every 10 seconds, shows bus locacion, distance, speed, direction and next stop bus stop and time.


Push Notifications: transit riders select only the specific routes for which they want to receive push notifications, including real-time notices of route delays, upcoming changes or other pertinent notices. The transit agency team may also send push notices to all users for information affecting all riders. 


Bus Stops Nearby: map displays the nearest bus stops to a user’s location via open data delivered through the city’s open data portal. 


Schedules: bus schedule information is continually up to date by using data already being delivered to Google Maps Transit


Fares: fare calculator


Links: in-app  links to the city’s transit website, phone number, social media, and other relevant links including the Rail Runner commuter train website.