Cities Sharing Solutions

Because APPCityLife’s mobile solutions are open source, our platform fosters collaboration by sharing innovative mobile solutions between agencies and cities. When agencies can begin the process with a fully-developed solution which can then be customized to fit unique workflow and needs, it greatly decreases cost and time to market while still delivering proven mobile solutions to communities. 

AI Virtual Assistant

The CityLife Virtual Assistant supports Alexa skills, Google assistants, web and mobile chatbots to connect citizens with voice. Chatbots add convenience and powerful ADA accessibility support.


Our App Server makes it easy for non-developers to create native apps for iOS and Android. We give you the tools to create interactive apps for your users with the ability to manage them in the cloud.


Our native client apps provide the look and feel of custom apps while providing the flexibility of cloud management. We provide targeted Push Notifications, interact with Beacons and the Apple Watch, providing rich interactive apps for your users.


We believe technology is most useful when it serves all people, including those who may experience additional barriers such as mobility or visual impairments. We also understand cities are tasked with meeting requirements defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act Section 508. The CityLife platform has added accessibility features that allow our native mobile apps to take advantage of accessibility features on smart phones. 


Want to know how your apps are being used? Our Analytics Server can track how features are used. Of course, we respect user privacy, and analytics are only tracked with user permission. Our analytics server helps cities understand how citizens are using mobile services and demonstrate ROI.


Our mobile apps interact with the latest technologies, creating rich solutions for communities. Whether you need to glance for a live bus update, deliver feeding times at the zoo with a beacon, or provide ADA capabilities for your apps, we deliver.


Open Data comes in many forms across cities, so our Open Data Server takes away that confusion. If you have an open data server already, no problem. We call your APIs and transform the data on the fly without having to store it. Don’t have a server? We can upload your data in the cloud.

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