Client: PIP

The PIP (Pregnancy Information Planning) app is a questionnaire to help doctors and patients better understand habits, environment, and health history in order to support mothers to have healthy pregnancies and healthy births.

Customer Problem

One of the biggest risk-factors for babies born prematurely or underweight is any risky lifestyle behaviors by the expectant mother, but gaining an accurate account of those behaviors is often difficult for medical personnel, especially when the patient is required to answer personal questions during exams. Behavioral Health experts needed a way to deliver a questionnaire to expectant mothers which could be answered privately on a patient’s own mobile device or through an iPad at the clinic, thereby providing more privacy and, thus, improving the quality of information received while also enabling the mother to learn about risk factors through the interactive process. 

CityLife Solution

The PIP app converted to mobile format a software-based questionnaire developed through an National Institute of Health Grant. It is currently being used in a Pilot Program at statewide university health clinics and is also available for download by individuals. The app allows users to select English or Spanish versions of the questionnaire, and are then walked through a series of questions. Depending on the answer chosen, a user might be shown a video of someone talking about the topic at hand (such as drinking alcohol while pregnant) and suggestions for how to make healthy choices while pregnant. At the end of the questionnaire, it can be emailed to a specific provider at a specific clinic for the provider to review with the patient.


Spanish / English Version options for Guided, interactive questionnaire


Audio library: provides spoken versions of questions for patients who prefer hearing the content over reading


Video library: videos appear in the questionnaire navigation when specific answers by a user navigates to a feature with a video component