Client: APPCityLife

APPCityLife mobile coupon manager for merchants. Create and manage Passbook coupons to appear in local civic mobile applications.

Customer Problem

Shop keepers and merchants needed a simple way while on the go to add new offers to the CityLife Offers, including taking and uploading photos of new dishes or items to be featured within an offer. 

CityLife Solution

The Merchant App allows merchants and vendors to create an account or log into an existing account which uses the CityLife Offers platform to generate new offers for their shop. Merchants can easily track current offers and edit budgets, change offers, or remove offers in real time. With a simple three-step process, account holders can easily create a new offer and choose where the offer will appear from a list of approved mobile apps accepting offers from that account holder. The app also provides a directory of current offers so that account holders and shoppers can view available offers.


Offers: List of offers in review, draft, current, expired


Scan: scan mobile coupon for redemption, coupon disabled when scanned


Coupons: create new, edit existing, upload photo from phone


Analytics: coupon displays delivery, added to wallet, redeemed, cost


Account: account information with the ability to set budget