Client: City of Albuquerque

Customer Problem

How many mobile apps does your city currently have? As an early Open Data adopter, the  City of Albuquerque accumulated several mobile apps to serve citizens, including museums, zoo, transit, recycling, police, and more. While each provides targeted support for specific issues or groups of citizens, messaging and engagement was still fragmented.  

CityLife Solution

The City of Albuquerque has launched an official city mobile app so that citizens will only need to download a single app to receive emergency notices and access all of the city's major services and information.

The primary feature of the mobile app lets users quickly submit reports and requests. The app is integrated with the city's Oracle software, making it a seamless reporting process from citizen to city agency. 

Targeted push notifications lets citizens opt into the kinds of notices they want to receive, and it allows the city to send out emergency notices to all users when needed.

The city will add a Virtual Assistant that will work with Alexa skills, Google assistants, web and within the OneABQ app. This will add convenience and ADA support for users who need voice assistance to use technology.