Client: Accela

The Agency App Template hosts a comprehensive set of features which integrate with the Accela Construct API.  We are working with Accela on a number of common templates that greatly reduce the cost and time to deploy apps specific for cities.

Customer Problem

Deploying new software solutions often requires customizations to address the unique workflow of an agency. Extending those solutions into mobile can be even more challenging because of these same issues, making it almost impossible to develop a single mobile app product which supports the diversity of needs among different clients. For most agencies, the mobile solutions available deliver limited integration and usefulness or are so difficult to use that it isn’t worth the time or money to add mobile at all. 

CityLife Solution

CityLife Mobile Platform provides fully-developed templates as a starting point. The Agency Template serves as an extension of Accela's Civic Platform Construct API. Templates can be easily added and then customized to contain on the desired feature sets. In addition, our agency’s app can easily be styled for seamless branding. Our experienced team can customize and deliver a test application or non-technical government staff can take to market their own agency-specific mobile apps. Your staff can start from scratch as well without writing a single line of code.


AMS, Permits, Case Management, Enforcement, Licenses, Planning, Service Requests