Client: City of Albuquerque, Transit Department

ABQ RIDE is the City of Albuquerque’s official transit app which includes real-time tracking, trip planning, bus schedules and trip planning, connections to the Rail Runner commuter train. Targeted push notifications alert riders to real-time delays by route, scheduled changes or other transit-related issues.

Customer Problem

In 2012, the City of Albuquerque’s 311 Call Center was receiving 90,000 calls each month from citizens wanting to find out the location of a bus relative to their bus stop. At a cost of $1.98 per minute, the city was paying over $1 Million each year to answer this question. 

CityLife Solution

The ABQ RIDE transit app was designed to reduce 311 calls while also providing an official city-branded mobile app to serve as an official communication tool and a mobile resource of pertinent transit information. 311 calls were reduced, and the transit department has reported savings of over $2 million by deploying a mobile solution. 


Live Tracking: map live bus tracking every 10 seconds, shows bus locacion, distance, speed, direction and next stop bus stop and time.


Push Notifications: transit riders select only the specific routes for which they want to receive push notifications, including real-time notices of route delays, upcoming changes or other pertinent notices. The transit agency team may also send push notices to all users for information affecting all riders. 


Bus Stops Nearby: map displays the nearest bus stops to a user’s location via open data delivered through the city’s open data portal. 


Schedules: bus schedule information is continually up to date by using data already being delivered to Google Maps Transit


Fares: fare calculator


Links: in-app  links to the city’s transit website, phone number, social media, and other relevant links including the Rail Runner commuter train website.