Help make kindness a habit in your community. Join Albuquerque's challenge to track one million acts of kindness. You can give a shout-out to someone else, track your own and join the many organizations and teams which have accepted the challenge to make kindness a habit.

Customer Problem

When the City of Albuquerque joined the national Kindness Challenge, the mayor of the city wanted an easy way for the community to track acts of kindness towards the city's goal of 1 Million Acts of Kindness. He also wanted something that would be easy to use, from school children to the elderly.

CityLife Solution

APPCityLife worked with the City of Albuquerque Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee and key members leading the Kindness Initiative within the city to design a mobile application which would be simple enough for a very young child to use. Because the user base would include children, one of the imperatives of the project is that the app not require any personal information to be shared in order to log an act of kindness while still allowing users to identify an act of kindness as being part of a specific organization or challenge. The app also needed to provide a visual counter that would track total acts of kindness. Future goals for the app are to include filtering by type, sponsored challenges, social sharing as well as a way for users to like specific acts that are shared. The app is now featured as a tool by the City of Kindness for other cities to adopt.


Simple Share Button: logs an act of kindness simply by selecting the top option of Random Act! 

Animated balloons: after each new act of kindness is logged to immediately celebrate the user's participation. 

Detailed Kindness Share: includes options for adding photo, organization, challenge, title, description, location and other user information. 

My Info: add preferred details which are automatically added to new detailed shares.

Timeline of Shared Acts: with options for viewing on a map or viewing total acts tracker. 

Additional City of Albuquerque and national resources: relating to the Kindness Challenge, including a direct link for users to sign up as a volunteer for the city.

Push Notifications: update the community on new challenges, milestones met, and other related news.

Custom Database: collects acts and their details.

Custom API: passes total acts data in real time to the City of Kindness online national tracker.

Dashboard for Kindness Challenge administrators: review submitted images before being published in the app and to add additional challenges and organizations to the database.